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“Depression crept up slowly and completely wiped me out. It was my counsellor who first mentioned depression to me. Hearing it out loud hurt, but I needed the wakeup call. Looking back, I am glad it was her that noticed first. She has supported me ever since.”
University of Ghana Legon, Ghana
“It is renewed hope that with the help of someone else, I can be better than this. I can live a better life than this. I can overcome this. And it all started when she placed her hands in mine”
"Silent Scream foundation has helped me in overcoming the fear, confusion and feeling of being lost. I was crippled with panic attacks and constant anxiety, until my sister advised me to speak with a specialist at SSF. It’s been 3 weeks since I started therapy but I feel very good, I also sleep much better at night than I used to. Thank you Silent Scream Foundation."
"It didn’t matter that I was living in another city; my therapist was able to make time for me virtually over the phone and constantly encouraging me. Her kind and lovely spirit helped in pulling me out of my pain. I had no interest in life anymore and had attempted suicide a couple of times in the past. Today I am very grateful that SSF was there to save me before it was too late."
"I was surprised to hear that Silent scream foundation offered free therapy sessions, so I immediately contacted them to verify. I jumped at the opportunity and started therapy that lasted for 2 months. I was suffering from severe depression after my husband passed on, and it was extremely difficult to get back on my feet and to take care of my children. Silent Scream foundation made me realize that life was still worth living as they made time for me and encouraged me to start life afresh. My children and I are very grateful for your selfless act of kindness. Thank you SSF."

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